5. Thanks to Paula Socco Anicete for covering Not Enough Fest 2014 for Antigravity Magazine.  The photo above is of Swampass, a bass/drums duo who are opening for Priests (Washington, DC) here in New Orleans on June 27th.  See No More Fiction “News” page for show details.

  6. Shotgun Seamstress zine and No More Fictions shows are two projects by me (Osa Atoe) that never touched until now.  This issue of Shotgun Seamstress tells the story of No More Fiction, from 2009 to the present through flyer art and stories that the flyers inspired. The zine also includes an interview that Candice Metrailer did with me about No More Fiction for Maximum RocknRoll.  Get it from Brown Recluse Zine Distro.

  8. 2nd annual Not Enough Fest! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/592385570858405

  9. Not Enough Fest Skillshares organized by Girls Rock Camp New Orleans! Come share music skills! All levels of experience welcome. Women, trans people and queers highly encouraged to attend!

  10. Not Enough Fest zine cover by Crystal Tremer! The zine will hopefully be available at each NEF event including tonight’s mixer. Thank you to the following people for your contribution to the zine: Alex Alaniz, Jänke Seltsam, Osa Atoe, Saiya Miller