1. 2nd annual Not Enough Fest! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/592385570858405

  2. Not Enough Fest Skillshares organized by Girls Rock Camp New Orleans! Come share music skills! All levels of experience welcome. Women, trans people and queers highly encouraged to attend!

  3. Not Enough Fest zine cover by Crystal Tremer! The zine will hopefully be available at each NEF event including tonight’s mixer. Thank you to the following people for your contribution to the zine: Alex Alaniz, Jänke Seltsam, Osa Atoe, Saiya Miller

  4. Want to start a band for Not Enough Fest, but don’t have any bandmates? Come to one or both Not Enough Fest social mixers!


  5. Tonight! Help Plan Not Enough Fest!

    The second planning meeting for Not Enough Fest is tonight at 7pm. It’s gonna be chill. Show up just to meet people if you want; The bulk of the organizing for the fest is already done! 335 Jane Place (just off Broad & Banks). Bring refreshments if you want!


  6. Skillsharing

    Skillsharing is a non-hierarchical method of sharing knowledge and skills. Unlike a traditional workshop or class, there is no teacher/student dichotomy at a skillshare. People of varying skill levels, from beginner to very experienced (and everyone in between), may attend. The basic premise is that everyone in attendance may have something to learn and/or teach.

    Please check back for the instrument skillshare schedule for Not Enough Fest. They will be happening during the month of March, after the social mixers are complete.

  7. Get ready for NOT ENOUGH FEST 2014! The first planning meeting will be on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 7pm.  2210 Bienville Street, Apt. D.  Tell your friends, spread the word! Also, do you not have to be a musician to help with organizing the social mixers, instrument skillshares or the final event.

  9. No More Fiction in the November issue of Maximum RockNRoll (#366). Interview with Osa Atoe by Candice Metrailer. We talk about the New Orleans punk scene, Not Enough Fest, riot grrrl, what’s lacking in punk and the larger point behind politicizing punk shows. Please check it out! Also, email mrr@maximumrocknroll.com if you’d like to contribute to their upcoming Queer issue.

  10. If you haven’t already heard about the People of Color Zine Project, it’s time to check them out. They are based out of The Bronx, NY and exist to make zines by people of color more accessible. They are planning a national tour for the fall that will be passing through New Orleans in October and they need our help to make it happen. Please come to this benefit show for the POC Zine Project at Big Top on Thursday Sept. 12th!